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In 1949 Noor Inayat Khan was awarded the George Cross posthumously. How did this young lady from a noble upbringing with a pacifist belief have the desire, dedication and willingness to risk everything to become one of the bravest and courageous agents during World War II?

It was through her constant desire to bring justice and peace to the world that led her to become captured and imprisoned. Noor made the greatest sacrifice a human could for her beliefs and also for her fellow people.

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Known as Fritz to his German spy-handlers and Zig-Zag to the British secret service, Eddie Chapman was a man of many faces. While his early life was rife with petty crime, gang activity and a dishonourable discharge from the British military, Chapman’s unique skills were eventually sought out by Nazi Germany, and after convincing them he could use his criminal contacts to sabotage the English forces, he was quickly recruited.

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